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Sexy Women Smoke Cigars

Sexy Women Smoke Cigars

Did you know that Sexy Women Smoke Cigars?

Check out the sexy women who smoke cigars and find the latest on the new hot trend!

Julieta Stogie

Imagine the sight of a group of attractive sexy women smoking cigars. Puffing away in cloud balls of fragrance and aromatic pleasure, radiating self confidence and an aura of style.

The growing popularity and international appeal of Sexy Women Smoke Cigars: A Sexy, Sensual Guide to Cigars and the Women Who Love Them is a growing trend across all borders with more women stepping out of traditional norms and stepping up to fine tobacco. It is a reflection of ladies stepping into the lavish lifestyle of taking charge of their lives and in many cases, surpassing their male counterparts.

Women are becoming more affluent with disposable income and are destressing at the beginning, middle or end of their day, indulging with a great cigar at a plush cigar lounge, such as a  Padron or Ghurka. Admittedly, there is nothing more sexy than watching a woman enjoying a fine smoke as a means of calming her nerves and at the same time amplifying her symbol of accomplishments for all to admire.

Above all what is contained in a cigar is a blend of tobaccos that is responsible for stimulating a sense of wellness when the endorphins; commonly known as the happy hormones that makes you feel good are released. You may be thinking why not the cheaper option of cigarettes? The difference between a cigarette and a cigar is like apples and lettuce; one has paper and additives; the other is aged leaves from nature wrapped in perfected shapes and sizes, unleashing and activating a sense of well being. A single premium cigar can be equivalent to the amount of tobacco found tin a packet of cigarette. Noting the marked difference and you will know the choice of cigar over cigarette.

Women who smoke cigarettes are known to be escaping from life whereby a woman smoking a cigar is known to be embracing life. These natural opiods released from the leaves of cigars increases positive emotions. The of benefits of smoking a cigar together with the appeal of status in the society makes it a natural and easy choice for many women.

The phenomena and culture of Sexy Women Smoke Cigars: A Sexy, Sensual Guide to Cigars and the Women Who Love Them will be here to stay for awhile.

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  1. Only Latin and black women know how to appreciate a good cigar, that why we never see blondes smoking cigars. Thank you, congratulations.

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