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Review: STL Cigars

Review: STL Cigars

Review: STL CigarsThe smooth rolled wrappers that gently roll off your tongue, the smoky feel, the sophistication, the flavors that range from mild to robust—these are just some of the many reasons why STL Cigars remains to be one of the most sought-after companies in the world today. Quality has always been their driven passion, satisfaction their ultimate mission.

What Is STL Cigars?

STL Cigars has been founded with one primary goal in mind: to make sure that all the premium-quality cigars in the world are easily accessible. They dream of offering something to their clients that come from all walks of life, from the occasional consumer to the ardent cigar collectors. They have partnered with some of the biggest brands such as Scott Biancardi, Padron, Alec Bradley, and Acid-Drew Estates. Over the years, STL Cigars have come up with their own specialty product known as STI Special.

STL Cigars currently carries an impressive line of tobacco flavors. They have the Cuban Round, which is characterized by the filler from dark Nicaraguan wrapper, giving a medium-bodied the flavor. They also provide Acid Kuba Kuba and Acid Krush, with leaves that have been grown for many years in the specially designed aroma rooms. In other words, the flavors are beautifully infused into every wrapper.

Connecticut wrappers have also been used in some of the cigar products such as the Hoyo de Monterrey, which came from the Havana seed wrappers that were cultivated in Connecticut. The Macanudo Ascot, meanwhile, features mild Connecticut wrappers.

The fascination with the Connecticut (also sometimes called Claro) wrappers dates back to several years ago. The seeds that are grown in the vast fields come from either the Latin Americas such as Ecuador or certified home grown. They have the “mild Connecticut flavor,” their smooth taste achieved by reducing the exposure of the leaves from a lot of sunlight, under cheese cloths that are used to cover them. The leaves also turn out spicier or more peppery because of the reduced ammonia present.

The Punch after Dinner stands up to its name as it is the most ideal puff after a feast. The smoke is easy, light, and casual. On the other hand, the level of elegance goes a notch higher when you puff cigars in the likes of Princiipes from Dominican Republic, Romeo Y Julieta, and Oliva Serie G. For a tease on the palate, try STL Especial Torpedo from Dominican wrappers and imbued with nutty taste.

Partner Them with Humidors

The Augustus.

The Augustus.

The STL Cigars offers products with wide-ranging tastes, from mild to medium cigars, from gentle to full-bodied ones. Nevertheless, they can easily lose their appeal and flavor unless they are properly preserved using the beautifully designed, durable humidors.

The humidors help maintain the ideal humidity of these wrappers, reducing the buildup of moisture so you can enjoy every one of them far longer. Humidors from STL Cigars can range from country-style chests to more modern black traveler’s bags made from pure leather.

STL Cigars—a wonderful treat to the senses.


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