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“I absolutely love watching, reading and listening to episodes of the Philippe Matthews Show! I consider it to be an Oprah alternative without commercial breaks and extended, indepth interviews with some of the world greatest minds and thought leaders. You will truly see your life grow when you watch the Philippe Matthews Show!”
– Sherrin Ross Ingram, JD (Author: Wealth Mentality – www.sherrin.com)

“Philippe Matthews, host of the Phillippe Matthews Show, is an expert at creating, hosting and producing Internet television shows. His expertise has led him to interview the best of the best – his guest list reads like a who’s who in the world of marketing, motivation and profit: Robert Kiyosaki, Mark Victor Hansen, Les Brown, Stedman Graham, Zig Ziglar, Suzi Orman and many more. I recommend Philippe highly both for his Internet marketing expertise and his vast knowledge of the use of video for business visibility and promotion (I’ve worked with him for both).”
– David Kenward (The Mental Coach – Helping Baseball Pitchers and Golfers Do Their Best Under Pressure in Competition – www.thementalcoach.com)

“Philippe Matthews has provided great interviews in various media settings. He asks questions that get to the heart of that thought leader’s message and he makes complex ideas accessible. It seems to me that ability comes from his years of coaching and being sensitive to those he coaches. He cares about educating and inspiring. In addition he has the expertise to teach people how to connect through social media. His energy continues to promote good content and meaningful connections.”
– Dr Penelope Tzougros (Author: Wealthy Choices – www.wealthychoices.com)

“Not only does Philippe ask the best questions, he asks questions that make a difference. The Philippe Matthews Show is one of the best shows on the air for people wanting to make a permanent and positive change in their life.”
~ Rick Frishman (President Planned TV Arts | co- author of AUTHOR 101 | NETWORKING MAGIC GUERILLA PUBLICITY | www.rickfrishman.com)

“The Philippe Matthews Show is informative, fun, inspiring and uplifting. It is a pleasure to listen to the way he dialogs with his guests, getting them to share their special message with his listening audience. Philippe is gifted, talented, intuitive, humorous and is passionate about his work. It is this combination that makes him an ideal talk show host and producer as well. If you haven’t yet watched his show, I highly recommend that you take the time to become familiar with this rising star and his illustrious guests.”
– Tonya K. Freeman (Co-Founder, Freeman – The Wide Awake Feminine Liberator – www.tonyakfreeman.com)

“Philippe Matthews aka the Oprah of the Internet- is a man who walks the walk. He doesn’t spread the good news; he creates, promulgates and SUPPORTS the good news. He has my admiration, respect and good will in all he does as that is EXACTLY how I feel when interacting with him. He takes the golden rule to the next level!!”
– Monique Marvez (CEO, Seeing Things Prod. – www.facebook.com/monique.marvez)

“Philippe is a compassionate business person that has a strong desire to ensure others success. He uses his knowledge of media to enlighten others with information that will provide them with the tools that they need for their individual success while giving his guest a platform to share the fruits of their wisdom and knowledge. He is a person that goes the extra mile.”
– Dr. Diva Verdun (CEO, Dr. Diva PhD – www.drdivaphd.com)

“I first met Philippe Matthews in a Millioniare Mindset Group in 2010. Philippe, talked with the group members about training your mind for wealth. The information that he shared was very beneficial to us and it inspired us all to live a wealthy life and not to let our minds trick us out of wealthy thinking/living. I once wrestled with living a wealthy life and wondered why, when I would obtain wealth, I would go back to my old way of thinking. Philippe helped me to understand that it was all in my mind. Moreover, that I must train my mind for wealth. In a phone call in 2010, Philippe also encouraged me not to focus on too many niche markets. In fact, he inspired me to focus on the one topic that will be a high payoff for me or that has the highest google rating. Furthermore, he recommended that I create one website that sent traffic to my other sites. I really appreciate Philippe and his knowledge of the Internet and Wealth. I follow Philippe’s blog and his show on facebook, twitter, myspace and youtube. He is very professional full of humor and only invites first class people on his show to inspire his listeners. Some of the guest that I’ve listened to on his show includes: Robert Kiyosaki, Robert Allen, Lisa Nichols, Susie Orman, Dr. Wayne Dyer and so any others! I recommend that anyone that wants to change the way that they think about living a wealthy and inspired life, to follow the Phillipe Matthews Show! I wish you much success and thank for all that you do. Shiketa Morgan Child Care Business Owner/Consultant, Trainer, Self-Published Author, Blogger www.shiketamorgan.wordpress.com”
– Shiketa Morgan (Child Care Business Owner/Consultant, Trainer, Self-Published Author, Blogger – www.shiketamorgan.wordpress.com)

“Philippe is one of those people that when he speaks, I listen (and kick myself that I didn’t have a tape recorder handy). As a business consultant, this man knows his stuff. He has extraordinary vision and the ability to break it all down into easy implementable steps. As a thought leader, he is cutting edge … with tremendous capacity to see how the quantum physics translate in our daily-ness. He offers real tools on how to break free from limited thinking and move in quantum leaps to our expansiveness. As a host, just look at the caliber of people he interviews. They want to be with him because the experience and the conversations are so rich. There is no doubt why Mark Victor Hansen dubbed him the Oprah of the Internet. Any time spent with him will shift you towards your greatness.”
– Farhana Dhalla (The Enlightened Divorce Expert | Author: Thank You for Leaving Me – www.farhanadhalla.com)

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