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Melanie Rembrandt on Simple Publicity

Melanie Rembrandt on Simple Publicity

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Melanie Rembrandt, Author of Simple Publicity

Melanie Rembrandt on Simple Publicity

Melanie Rembrandt on Simple Publicity

Do you know that a lot of businesses, especially small ones, are prone to die within the next 5 years? You can blame it on a lot of things, such as lack of funds, not enough profit, or very little customer base. However, if you study all these reasons, they point out to the root cause: poor marketing strategies.

Though the lifeblood of the business is the revenue, it’s the marketing that sustains it. These days, when more people are engaging in enterprises, there’s no more room for slacking. You need get it done and do it perfectly or correctly. In other words, you need the professional guidance of an A-rate PR expert like Melanie Rembrandt.

Melanie Rembrandt is a veteran in copywriting. She graduated in the University of California Los Angeles School of Theater, Film, and Television as a magna cum laude. She then joined the corporate world handling public relations, among other things. This gave her the opportunity to work among some of the biggest names in the world, like companies that belong to the Fortune 500. This she did for many years.

In 2004, she attended a writers’ boot camp of the American Writers and Artists Incorporated (AWAI), which opened her eyes to the vastness of opportunities waiting for her. It gave her a chance as well to get to know some of the best mentors in the field and network with other PR professionals and potential clients.

As soon as she returned from the boot camp, she was laid off. Instead of feeling frustrated, she gathered herself, thought about the lessons she learned in the past, and picked up where she left off—this time, running her own business.

Melanie Rembrandt created her own brand called Rembrandt Communications. She also acquired additional skills such as search engine optimization (SEO) copywriter and social media and content strategist, both of which allow her to provide services to broad spectrum of clients. She also specializes in B2B writing and continues to attract the attention and loyalty of large firms.

Melanie doesn’t handle too many writing projects at one time. This is very important to her since she wants to make sure that she can give her 100 percent attention to the needs of the clients, the tone of the copies, and the message she wants to send to her audience. This kind of devotion makes her a top-notch and one of the most sought-after writers in the industry.

Melanie has already published more than 200 articles under her name, tackling a wide variety of topics such as how to get free PR or free publicity. She has also published a book entitled Simple Publicity. For three years, she worked as a radio host of Small Biz America Radio for SEO copywriting and press relations. She’s currently sitting as one of the board of advisors and mentors of AWAI Online.

She lends support to Startup Nation as its SEO copywriting and PR expert and continues to write for Pink Magazine.

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