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Arctic Ocean Releasing "Significant" Amounts of Methane

The surface waters of the Arctic Ocean may be releasing "significant" amounts of methane into the atmosphere, researchers reported yesterday in the journal Nature Geoscience . [More]

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Green Laser Erases Print

Every year, about 10 million tons of paper winds up in American landfills and incinerators, which is not only wasteful but adds CO2 to the atmosphere. Recycling helps, but even that material has to be repulped and paper-ized before you can use it to print out that recipe you’ll never make

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NOAA Halts Reconstruction of Past Climate

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has abandoned an effort to reconstruct a detailed picture of hour-by-hour changes in the atmosphere stretching back to the 19th century. [More]

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Spectacular Plumes of Dust Reach across the World [Slide Show]

We don't hear too much about natural dust, the kind that the winds loft from deserts and dry lakebeds into the air and carries for hundreds of kilometers, crossing oceans and continents, but we should. Plumes of dust connect the atmosphere, the oceans and the forests, and affect the most fundamental processes of life on our planet.

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New, Reusable Materials Could Pull CO2 Straight from Air

Researchers have developed a new class of materials that can readily and efficiently absorb carbon dioxide from a smokestack or even directly from the atmosphere. The substances can help alleviate problems associated with carbon dioxide emissions , like climate change and ocean acidification. [More]

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Scrubbing Carbon Dioxide from Air May Prove Too Costly

One of the seemingly ideal and direct solutions to climate change is to efficiently vacuum up greenhouse gases straight from the atmosphere. But a new study finds that such a proposal is very far-fetched and tremendously expensive.

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Feed the World, Save the Planet

The world’s population will cross the 7 billion mark this month and is projected to reach more than 9 billion by 2050.

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