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Cheaper Competitor? 5 Ways to Fight Back

Avoid profit-killing discounts and price wars by differentiating yourself, your firm and your offering from the competition. When you're selling against a lower-priced competitor, you have two choices: discount or differentiate.

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The Practical Case for Humility

Sure, there's a place for self-promotion, but history suggests overhyping your business can backfire. Whether it was your third-grade teacher, your beloved granny or your mom, someone probably told you to keep a good head on your shoulders and not get too cocky. Self-confidence is great, they probably said, but a reasonable amount of humility is important for both mental health and maintaining solid relationships

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Your Size Is Your Biggest Advantage

No need to pretend you're a large company. Your small size can help you beat the competition. Entrepreneurs, especially in the early years of developing their businesses, worry a lot about the perceived size of their companies--and they do many things to appear bigger from day one.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook Downplays Threat Of Windows 8 PC-Tablet Convergence

Forget what the competition is planning: Apple does not envision the iPad and MacBook Air converging at any point in the near future. Today, the company released its second-quarter financial results ($39.2 billion in revenue, $11.6 billion in net revenue), and despite selling 11.8 million iPads, Cook took time during an earnings call to discuss the potential threat of the PC and tablet spaces converging. Many expect Microsoft's latest offering, Windows 8, to unite these two sides of the spectrum, making the tablet not a post-PC device, but just a PC in a different form

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Marketing Lessons From the ‘Little Guys’

Big businesses need to lighten up, get creative and take a few cues from small business owners. It's usually assumed that when it comes to marketing, small businesses can always learn from their larger counterparts, right?

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11 Ways to Grow Sales With LinkedIn

Think you know all there is to know about LinkedIn? Even expert users can squeeze out more productivity and sales with LinkedIns ready-made tools

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Why Small Businesses Should Scrap Strategic Planning

What fast-growing companies need is strategic thinking--not strategic planning. Here are three things smaller companies can do to develop an adaptive, opportunistic approach to strategy.

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12 Customer Dos & Don’ts

Use these quick and easy rules to make sure your customers keep coming back for more. It's easier to sell to existing customers than to acquire new ones, so it's good sense to keep the customers you've already got. Here are some simple rules to ensure that customers continue to come back for more

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8 Essential Sales Skills

If you haven't mastered these simple sales skills, you won't be able to sell at the highest level.

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Turns Shipping Containers into Med Clinics: G3Box

Through their young company, Gabrielle Palermo and her three co-founders are donating clinics to those in need. In 2009, Gabrielle Palermo entered Arizona State University to pursue a medical degree because she wanted to help people in need

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