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Meet the Winners of Scientific American ‘s Great Consciousness Contest

In June Scientific American launched its Great Consciousness Contest intended to get readers involved in testing an idea put forward by leading neuroscientists Christof Koch and Giulio Tononi. Their article in SA 's June issue, " A Test for Consciousness ," postulates that slight variations in the placement of objects that occupy ordinary everyday images can completely befuddle the most sophisticated image-recognition capabilities of today's computers.

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The Best Type of Leader

Author John Warrillow explains the difference between the "dissociative architect" and "sleeves-rolled-up" types of leaders. Which leadership style is best? A friend of mine described the experience of slipping into a "K-hole" after partying on too much ketamine, a medical anaesthetic that can be snorted as a drug.

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Seriously, You Need a Vacation

Entrepreneurs can be reluctant to pull away from work. But slogging it out through the summer may not be good for your healthor your business

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Life Is Complicated: Systems Biology Untangles Old Mysteries [Video]

For more than a century biologists made great strides in understanding the complex tapestry of life by tracing the smaller and shorter threads in its many patterns. This reductionist approach, which breaks complicated processes into their component parts to understand them better, has produced extraordinary advances. We take it for granted, for example, that DNA molecules--and not proteins--carry our genetic information, but that was a matter of huge debate and study in the early 20th century.

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