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Turning Marketing into an Experience

Two-time Inc. 5000 honoree, Factory 360, uses experiential marketing to amplify the affect a product or service has on the consumer. As we process applications for the 2012 Inc

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How to Get Attention at SXSW

It's not a trade show, so the usual tactics aren't going to work. Here's how 4 companies in years past got creative.

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Fast Talk: How A Brooklyn Clothing Label Fights "Fast Fashion"

Meet David Gensler, whose Brooklyn clothing company Serum Versus Venom advocates a return to craft. Read on to learn about the value of a well-made belt, what would've happened if Picasso had tweeted, and how Jay-Z could be the next Oprah

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Photo Issue 2011: David Lauren, Shot By Francois Dischinger

David Lauren is turning his father's empire into a digital leader --and shaking up the fashion industry. Lauren wearing a simple and elegant white suit allows him to be projected as a towering figure

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On Connectors, Mavens, And Salesmen: How New Ideas Spread Like Seeds

How do innovators and early adopters succeed in spreading new ideas, new tech, and even new seed corn? We continue our Leadership Hall of Fame series , a year-long look at the top business books and authors, with an excerpt from The Tipping Point (2000) by Malcolm Gladwell.

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Elena Silenok On Magic Mirrors, Virtual Closets, And The Future Of Fashion

In the latest installment of Fast Company’s future-gazing series, Crystal Ballin’, Elena Silenok of Clothia envisions an era of magic mirrors, virtual closets, and the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy by Alicia Silverstone. FAST COMPANY: What is your startup, Clothia

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Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fashion as Art Opens in Dallas

A traveling interactive exhibition focusing on haute couture designer Jean Paul Gaultier made its American debut at the Dallas Museum of Art this month. The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier: From the Sidewalk to the Catwalk opened in Dallas, the first of only two U.S

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Polyvore’s Jess Lee Turns Fashion Lovers Into Style Trendsetters

Next time you stand in front of your closet with no idea what to wear, remember there’s an army of wannabe Anna Wintours and Rachel Zoes on Polyvore.com, ready to crank out trendy head-to-toe looks by tapping a vast database of designer apparel and accessories. Next time you stand in front of your closet with no idea what to wear, remember there’s an army of wannabe Anna Wintours and Rachel Zoes on Polyvore.com ready to offer inspiration.

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2011’s Coolest Office

There's an indoor skateboarding bowl, a converted railway station in Milan, a converted 1940s warehouse, and a tiny atelier open to the sky and earth in Japan.

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Bringing Fashion to the South

Two New York fashionistas launch their fashion house Jolie & Elizabeth in New Orleans and lead the charge of bringing fashion back to the Garden District. When Jolie Bensen , 27, graduated from LSU in 2006 with a degree in apparel design, she had big dreams of leaving her native New Orleans behind and making her mark on the fashion industry in New York. And that's exactly how things began to play out

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