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Dr. Eric Pearl on the Reconnection

Dr. Eric Pearl on the Reconnection

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Dr. Eric Pearl on the Reconnection

Dr. Eric Pearl on the Reconnection

Dr. Eric Pearl on the Reconnection

What will you feel if somebody tells you that you have the power to heal not only yourself but your loved ones? That seems to be such a far-fetched idea, but for Dr. Eric Pearl and thousands of his trained professionals, it’s as normal as day.

His Special Gift

At first glance, Dr. Eric Pearl can easily pass as the next Bachelor: dashing, handsome, strong, and educated. Growing up in Los Angeles, California, he has access to some of the best offered by the world, from education to a good life. Interestingly, while many LA men prefer to be accountants, lawyers, engineers, and doctors, Dr. Pearl ventured in another industry that is less traveled: chiropractic.

For 12 years, he ran his own chiropractic clinic. Because of his amazing techniques, compassion, and great love for his patients and work, word soon got out, and his list of clientele continued growing.

He thought he would be that for the rest of his life until something amazing started unraveling right before his eyes. Gradually, patients began coming in, telling him how they’d feel his hand on them even when he’s not physically around. In other words, they were experiencing non locality healing.

The Power of Remote Healing

Spontaneous healing isn’t a completely new territory. Over the years, many have already claimed and exhibited the power. One of the most cases is that of John of God, a Brazilian medium who also performed both invisible and visible medical operations, as well as remote healing. It’s possible for someone to bring along a list of people that needed healing to John of God, and with few prayers, he then sends his energy to the sick. Not everyone gets healed, but many can attest to its reality.

This is almost the same kind of gift currently bestowed on Dr. Eric Pearl. Back then, however, he didn’t have any idea what it was. He tried to approach scientific experts working on Yale and Harvard, and yet they didn’t have the best answers. Fortunately, he was able to figure things out on his own through regular practice and study.

The Real Mission Begins

It would have been very easy for Dr. Pearl to use his gift as a cash cow, but he believed his real mission is to let people learn the process of healing others.

He started with publishing his own book on spontaneous healing entitled The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, which was later translated in more than 30 languages. He coined the term Reconnective Healing to describe the transfer of energy frequency from one person to another with the aim of healing the ailment. Dr. Pearl has worked on some of the most debilitating cases such as cancer, cerebral palsy, and disfigurements since birth.

He has established the Reconnection and a series of programs with one goal in mind: teach you how to do it yourself. These include Practitioner Mentoring, Reconnective Kids, and Reconnective Yoga.

Dr. Pearl has only broadened the floodgates of collective consciousness and the strong power of spiritual or energy healing.

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