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Sandra B. Tate Positively R.A.W – Right Attitude Wins

Sandra B. Tate Positively R.A.W – Right Attitude Wins

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Sandra B. Tate Positively R.A.W - Right Attitude Wins

Sandra B. Tate Positively R.A.W – Right Attitude Wins

It’s common among us to blame something for our failures: poverty, lack of sufficient funds, lack of necessary knowledge, mismatch between expectations and reality, etc. But the truth is there’s only one thing that is stopping us from reaching our full potential and achieving the best life we can ever have: fear.

Fear is a negative crippling emotion. It puts a lot of limits on what you can do for yourself and for others: you don’t want to get into business because you’re afraid of failing, or you don’t want to go back to school because you fear that you’re too old. Most of all, it affects the way you think, and a negative mindset further sets you back. The worse thing is you manifest what you think and influence others to live a life in intense fear.

Go for the “RAW”

Sandra B. Tate is an antithesis of fear. In fact, she’s the “ballsy coach,” simply because she’s one who’s never afraid to go after her dreams, fulfill her potential, and share her unique abilities to the rest of the world. Growing up in Montego Bay, Jamaica, she lived a carefree life before she eventually moved to Camberwell, London, where the way of living was much more hectic—where everyone seems to be busy at all times. Competition is extremely tough that there’s no room to sit back and wallow in a lot of pity and fear. Otherwise, one will surely be left behind. She eventually studied in East London College, and after deciding that she’s ready to take the world, she moved to New York City.

One of her first jobs was assistant to VP of Public Affairs in New York Public Library, a position she held for more than a year. Being a certified A team member, she helped organized a capital drive that raised more than $490 million for the library, the funds of which were used for the various lectures, exhibitions, and programs. This also made the library one of the awarded institutions for the Silver Anvil Award in 1996.

She also tried her hand on merchandising and sales, working as an assistant to the senior vice president for Ann Taylor between 1997 and 1998. Then she went on to become a quality assurance and testing officer for McKinsey and Company for less than a year.

In June 2003, Tate discovers that she has already built enough experience and expertise in the field of life and executive coaching that she created her very own company called TateWorks. Her main goal is to establish a better work-life balance for everyone in the business, from the managers to the rank-and-file employees. It’s when they’re at the top of the game personally that they develop the right set of morale and attitude toward their jobs—being positively raw (right winning attitude) about it. They become more efficient and productive, as well as ready to provide customer support.

Currently, Tate shares her advanced knowledge and mastery in creating the right winning attitude in her book Positively RAW: A Woman with Balls Creates Her Own Life Gems.

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