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Rizwan Virk on Zen Entrepreneurship

Rizwan Virk on Zen Entrepreneurship

Rizwan Virk on Zen Entrepreneurship

Rizwan Virk on Zen Entrepreneurship

A lot of things don’t mix with business. These include personal issues and spirituality. But a certain man has definitely broken the general rule and is now enjoying personal and spiritual growth while building businesses that showcase his passion, determination, and love. He is Rizwan Virk.

Rizwarn Virk is someone who has big dreams for himself. When he was 23 years old, he had already built his own tech company, which grew to leaps and bounds and made him earn his first million. Later, it became so massive that he started earning multi-millions of dollars every year. His brilliance in technology, which he was able to develop when he graduated in computer science from no less than the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Graduate School of Business for his master’s in business management, allowed him to build more companies like Gameview Studios, Brainstorm Technologies, and CambridgeDocs. He’s also one of the co-founders of a popular mobile device app called Tap Fish, which has been downloaded over 30 million times ever since it was launched.

For someone who has all these accomplishments, there’s nothing he should ask or look for—but he felt that there’s more to life than all these things. He needed to learn how to practice a more effective stress management process for business as well as to close the gap that often happens between spirituality and business. It was at the peak of his career that he also walked his journey to both personal and spiritual growth.

Today Rizwan Virk is more than an entrepreneur. He’s a source of inspiration for thousands of business owners all around the world. From him, we understand that profits are not the ultimate measurement of the success—or failure—or any endeavor, that’s it’s definitely possible to consider one’s journey to building a business as a path to personal development as well. When you do business, you also learn inputs that can be applied in real life.

Virk shares his learning in the bestselling book, Zen Entrepreneurship: Walking the Path of the Career Warrior. It showcases the hidden worlds that are often talked about by some of the best business mentors and yet those that are not easily seen by a lot of conventional business owners. It proves that there is power in thoughts—that usually what we think is manifested and affects the way we decide for our business and personal life. Through this book, Virk hopes that the amazing journey he has gone through shall be yours as well.

Aside from writing, Virk has also developed courses that aims to guide aspiring entrepreneurs as they improve their spirituality while maintaining or creating the business of their dreams. He also shares regular notes about his realizations in his own website. Virk has also ventured into independent filmmaking with films such as Turquoise Rose and Raspberry Magic. He has also used this medium to tackle taboos such as Sirius, which dealt about UFOs.

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