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Bum, Dotard or SOB: It’s All White Supremacy to Me!

Bum, Dotard or SOB: It’s All White Supremacy to Me!

Whether Lebron James calls him a “Bum”, Kim Jong Un calls him a “Dotard”, or the 45th calls Colin Kaepernick an SOB; it’s all white supremacy to me.

The dotard and his entire administration represents the grand pupa of white superiority, privilege and a total disdain and regard for ALL Melanated people! He is more than just an embarrassment, he represents what Black folk has known for centuries; America is the perfected birthplace of institutionalized racism that has permeated the entire planet!

The epigenetic (genetic memory) taint and stench of white supremacy is inescapable. It has a certain odor to it; LOL! Even those who claim they are not racist, silently and unconsciously have a blind spot as they participate in daily privilege that began when the real SOB showed up claiming he discovered America!

The Dotard Bum reveals what many recessive genes have unconsciously felt but did not have a hater-n-chief to boldly embody it under the covert cloth of modern times. He represents the system, establishment and institution of racism that every US President (including Obama) has overtly fought to preserve; the fear of white, genetic annihilation that Dr. Francis Cress Welsing so eloquently introduced to the world back in 1969.

The very flag our military and veterans fight for is the same one that Kaepernick along with many other athletes and entertainers have come to realize its true meaning and symbolism. Hardwired, genetic hate  is the epigenetics that only a handful whites are trying to change within themselves. But it is almost impossible when every stitch and fabric of institutionalized racism defines their very life and existence. Some whites attempt to fight against Overt racism but are defenseless and most times complicit to Covert racism (white privilege). Simply put, a white person attempting to fight against white supremacy in America is to deny the very core of their existence. This country was stolen, cultivated and created exclusively for white people; period, with no regard for humanity!

With our current elected Dotard Bum, the US has been sent back to the dark ages of antimiscegenation  when white people were created by law to divide and conquer humanity. Whites were given unequal rights and felt emboldened to harm and hate any human being that was not white.

The entire world is now getting a wake-up call of what hardwired epigenetic hate looks like. Even white women are remembering why they silently prefer “tall, dark and handsome” men and are repelled against the misogyny and oppression of the men that share their racial status.

According to Reuters in a rare statement on Sept. 22, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un called President Trump a “mentally deranged U.S. dotard,” vowing to “tame him” with fire. On Sept. 19, the 45th threatened to “totally destroy” North Korea in front of the United Nations General Assembly.

BTW, Oxford’s definition of a dotard is “An old person, especially one who has become weak or senile.” Keep kneeling like Kaepernick family!

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