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The Epigenetics, Shock Metaphysics, PTSS, and Racial Battle Fatigue of the #ForTheDickChallenge

The Epigenetics, Shock Metaphysics, PTSS, and Racial Battle Fatigue of the #ForTheDickChallenge

By: Philippe SHOCK Matthews (The Metaphysical Morpheous)

Okay, so the latest phenomenon to hit the Millennial Y Generation is the #ForTheDickChallenge that has been described as yet another embarrassing state of how Blacks act and behave in America which keeps the stereotypes and the right to discriminate alive and kicking within the white supremacy, European culture.

One of the most conscious entertainers to engage in this collective degradation is superstar Erykah Badu. Why?! Let’s first take a look through the individual lens from the systemic effects of PTSS (Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome) and then we can analyze the Shock Metaphysical, collective conscious (race consciousness) of this Melanated phenomenon.

First, we must understand what PTSS is. PTSS is the unconscious, genetic memory (epigenetics) of the historical pain and suffering of black people that has infected and hijacked our DNA, resulting in our never being healed (individually or collectively) from our historical trauma as a result of being born into an institutionalized racist society. Which is why PTSS is referred to as a “syndrome”; something that is cyclical and ongoing without relief. The systemic impact of PTSS consciously or unconsciously manifests the symptoms of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). The difference between PTSS and PTSD however, is that PTSS is cyclical and systemic, yet PTSD refers to “post” trauma; an oxymoron. Because there is no such thing as post trauma in PTSS it then creates what has recently been researched and peer reviewed by Dr. William A. Smith as RBF (Racial Battle Fatigue). RBF is the cradle to the grave, accruement of racialized macro and microaggressions that continue to fuel our collective PTSS.

So what happens to a Black human being when they are overtly/covertly, consciously and unconsciously bombarded with the systemic stress of racism? Well, it shuts down a part of the brain known as the vmPFC (Ventromedial Prefrontal Cortex). In my conversation with Dr. Brian King, he explained how the vmPFC is the stress monitoring system of the brain that allows us to take control of stressful situations. However, when the external stress of systemic racism becomes overwhelming, the vmPFC begins to shut down like a circuit breaker overwhelmed with an electrical current or spike. When this part of the brain ceases to function properly, the individual begins acting up and out in maladaptive ways both consciously, but mostly unconsciously.

In my book, DigitalNomics, Professor Kaba Hiawatha Kamene eloquently shared the story about the “crabs in the basket” phenomenon…


Kaba Hiawatha Kamene - "It ain't over until we win!"

“It ain’t over until we win!”

“When you are put in an unnatural environment it is only natural that you would start acting unnaturally. People always talk about crabs in a basket and how we all pull each other down. However, if you took that basket of crabs and return them back to the water — crabs actually live a life where they literally sit on top of each other so that the one on the top can get the food to eat. When that crab on the top has dined sufficiently, it then goes down to the bottom and becomes the bottom crab to bring the next crab up to eat. So in their natural environment, crabs work together to survive. But, when you take them out of their natural environment and put them in a basket, they start to act unnatural. Which in that world is natural.”


I refer to this crabs in a basket phenomenon as being sick from being around sick people. The sick people are the socio-psychopathic European who unconsciously supports and spreads the disease of race technology onto the Melanated population, therefore individual healing can never take place because of the systemic stress we are forced to deal with diurnally.

The science of being sick from being around sick people is called Pathophysiology. An example of this is when med students study a particular physiological disease so intently that they literally begin showing the pathological signs and symptoms of the diseases from the continual proximity in the study of the disease. Another way of putting this is that Melanated people become mentally ill from the continual proximity of white (European) society!

These maladaptive behaviors that from the breakdown of our vmPFC lowers what is known as our EQ or EI, Emotional Quotient or Emotional Intelligence. When our emotional intelligence is waned to its lowest common denominator, we unconsciously act up and act out as a way for the brain to dissipate the negative energy of white supremacy. Similar to how white cells fight a foreign agent in the body. So, when you are born into a family with a low EQ from being bombarded with the epigenetic fallout of PTSS and RBF, the child inevitably carries the epigenetic tags of low emotional intelligence and begins responding to his or her world from a lower state of consciousness.


Over time, this triggers the symptoms of Learned Helplessness. Learned helplessness is the condition of a human or animal that has learned to behave helplessly, failing to respond even though there are opportunities for it to help itself by avoiding unpleasant circumstances or by gaining positive rewards. Learned helplessness theory is the view that clinical depression and related mental illnesses may result from a perceived absence of control over the outcome of a situation. Organisms that have been ineffective and less sensitive in determining the consequences of their behavior are defined as having acquired learned helplessness.

Now that we have an understanding of what happens to the black brain when exposed to cyclical, systemic, institutionalized racism and how the brain literally shuts down when it is exposed to a stress that it can no longer effectively fight or handle, we now can look at the metaphysical manifestation of this neuropsychological phenomenon.

The #ForTheDickChallenge that rappers, entertainers and lay people have engaged in is simply a collective consciousness of black people who have become infected with the psychopathic disease of white supremacy and are acting up and out in maladaptive ways because their collective vmPFC’s have failed at managing the daily stress levels of racism and white supremacy. They have become sick and tired from being around sick people. They are acting unnaturally because they/we are in an unnatural environment; America! We have taken on the daily pathophysiological symptoms (macro/micro aggressions) that come from constantly being exposed to a white supremacist, European society that manifest as racial battle fatigue  resulting from never being healed from our the genetic memory (epigenetics) of our historical trauma (Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome).


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  1. Hotep Brother Philippe, This blog is very needed and time appropriate. As I sit here responding to your information, we are experiencing a horrific event in Las Vegas where so far, 58 people have died and over 500 wounded. I am hearing that psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers are being dispatched to help with the stress that the people in and around the incident are going through. My heart, mind and prayers are extended to all the people who are going through this trauma. However, I have to wonder, where is the counseling for African people who went through over 400 years of pain, oppression, murder and mayhem. And in alternative ways, African people are still going through this trauma today. When Colin takes a knee, because of police officers abusing their community responsibilities, white fragilists want to change the discussion about the flag and respect for the military and country. This horrific event in Las Vegas is yet another chance we all have to look within and decide what we are going to do. Kaba Hiawatha

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