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Temple Hayes – Rebel Turned Author and Spiritual Leader

Temple Hayes – Rebel Turned Author and Spiritual Leader

Temple-Hayes-by-EFPWe’ve heard the story a thousand times: a rebel turns to the Creator, finds peace and starts a new life. But no matter how many times this kind of story has been rehashed in films, television and even in books, it’s still quite remarkable to hear tales of people who have suffered so much, yet still managed to turn their life around.

In the case of Temple Hayes, she has battled from alcohol addiction and a hundred other fears to be where she is today, a spiritual leader and difference maker.

The Life of Temple Hayes

Born to a Southern Baptist family in Anderson, South Carolina, Temple received her first mystical experience at the age of five. It was a call to ministry and one quite rare in a southern town where women cannot take on roles as ministers or leaders.

Even as a child, she was always asking questions. She always wanted to know why and how. And at an early age, she discovered that people weren’t comfortable with the questions.

She came of age during the 1970s, and her beliefs and philosophies were largely shaped by civil, women’s, gay, animal and religious rights.

After a foray into military service, she answered the ministry call in 1991. She became a Church of Religious Science minister and moved to Florida. She served in various churches in Stuart, West Palm Beach, Sarasota and St Petersburg.

Temple also launched a career as a motivational speaker. She spent thirteen years traveling across the US for various clients, including Procter and Gamble, Compaq, Washington Mutual and State Farm Insurance.

In 2007, she became an ordained Unity Minister and now presides at the First Unity Church in St Petersburg, Florida. She is also the minister of the First Unity Campus.

Temple is a practicing shaman and wants people to turn their sorrows into a brighter tomorrow. By doing so, parts of the soul can be restored. She is also an international recognized leader and serves on the Leadership Council of the Association of Global New Thought.maxresdefault

She is also active on the popular radio show, The Intentional Spirit. She founded Life Rights, which is a nonprofit dedicated to the right of everyone to live the life they intend to in freedom and in peace.

Additionally, she founded the SOFI Project, which is another nonprofit that rescues and rehabilitates cats and dogs found all over the word. The organization is headquartered in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Temple Hayes, The Author

Temple Hayes NOV moxy Wo2Temple has published quite a few books, including How to Speak Unity (DeVorss & Company) and The Right to Be You (Temple Hayes Ministries).

Her most recent effort, released this November, is called When Did You Die?: 8 Steps to Stop Dying Every Day and Start Waking Up. The message is simple: it is time to stop dying a bit every day and start embracing the God who created us.

When Did You Die?: 8 Steps to Stop Dying Every Day and Start Waking Up, Temple lays out an eight-step program that guides readers to examine their beliefs that will lead them to have a more healthier and more prosperous life. Each chapter of the book encourages readers to create a life-path by getting to know the divine creations that they are. Not only that, she also encourages readers to accept and embrace who they are and embrace the fact that life is a never-ending journey.

Temple has an amazing gift for telling a story, and that is ever present in her newest book. In it, she illustrates how we choose death over life almost daily. She also shows how choices based on fear prevents us from truly living.

When Did You Die? Is filled with quotes, anecdotes, lots of laughter and of course really deep wisdom. It’s a book aimed at one thing: to help readers become impassioned and energized about life.

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