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peggyStress and anxiety are synonymous with modern day living given the world we live in moves at a frantic pace we could no longer keep up with. We are now working longer hours to cope with demand and that’s just the beginning. There’s also an equally demanding home life we need to attend to. With seven days in a week and most hours spent at the office, having to balance career with a personal life has put us in such stressful situations. And oh, there’s also this niggling problem called money – which we never have or there’s just not enough of.

Life is filled with challenges aimed at testing our character and resilience and one where we emerge better and stronger individuals – we get it. But sometimes, we can’t help but feel frustrated about the path our lives are veering into, most especially when we start recalling the goals we set when we were so much younger.

“By the age of 25, I would have a great career, a nice house, a spouse and a loving dog as a companion.” While that may be the dream, the reality is you’re likely to end up stuck in a demanding yet thankless job; having no house whatsoever and living in an apartment too small; having no spouse or partner to share life with; and even no pooch running around to keep you happy. All of these are quite enough to drive anyone to the brink.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses in the US, affecting 40 million aged 18 and older. And while most people tend to shrug it off saying that it’s part of the job, part of life and so on, what they’re missing is that stress can kill.

How many times have we read news about overworked employees suddenly just keeling over despite their very young age? A study published in the journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes found that people who have high levels of stress and depression have a 48% chance to die because of a heart attack during the period the study was carried out compared to the group with low levels of stress and depression. It’s even worse for those with existing heart problems as a combination of stress and severe depression creates a “psychosocial perfect storm.”

So other than throwing your life into utter chaos, stress and anxiety both have an impact on your health. Cortisol – the root of stress – when in abundance in the body triggers different levels of damage to the body and mind. Those with a high level of cotisol are prone to issues such as weight gain, delirium, sleep deprivation and anxiety.

Stress and Anxiety: Too Dangerous to Ignore

Stress is brought about by an event that makes you feel frustrated or nervous. Anxiety is the feeling of fear, worry or unease. You may feel stressed or anxious when you’re watching your favorite sports team try to eek out a win with a slim lead with minutes to go, feeling stressed before an important test and being embarrassed in particular social situations.

However, some feelings of stress and anxiety tend to go away after the trigger has been cleared. It’s when you’re constantly anxious and stressed that you need to seek help as not doing so will result in it interfering with your life and making you afraid to LIVE.

Luckily, there are things that can be done to ease the stressful and anxious feelings you have. For instance, undergoing stress management might help you conquer those feelings, achieve peace and lead a more productive and happier life. Helping people manage stress and anxiety to achieve peace and serenity so they can fulfill their purpose and potential is the life’s work of Peggy Sealfon.

A Helping Hand

Peggy Sealfon 2015 portraitA personal development coach, wellness specialist, productivity strategist, author and former journalist, Peggy spends her time helping people overcome the frustrations of life – whether big or small. With a fair share of personal trials that have come her way, Peggy was motivated to become certified in various life-changing modalities which included yogic techniques, mindfulness and spirituality. Not only that, she ventured into training in modern psychology, energy medicine and the neurosciences.

Peggy had a successful career working at an advertising agency, but she left all that so she could devote her time to helping others who have suffered through trauma, stress, anxiety and physical pain. She has helped a lot of people through her Stress Buster System and Integrated life Plan, and due to their success, they have been adapted by individuals and companies all across America.

As the owner of Stonewater Studio, a natural way to health and wellness, she aims to help people change their lives by learning to dissolve stress and anxiety, having more energy each day, being more productive, enjoying better relationships and creating a life they want and deserve.

Peggy works with her clients in identifying and implementing effective methods to minimize and eliminate stressful and anxiety-related triggers in life. Through the techniques she shares, people can find an inner source of energy that helps them perform more optimally leading to increased productivity and a raised bar when it comes to happiness.

Escape from Anxiety

Peggy is also an author who has published a book on the many simple yet transformational strategies to relieve anxiety and shift to a life filled with infinite possibilities. It’s called Escape from Anxiety: Supercharge Your Life with Powerful Strategies from A to Z and is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and select bookstores.

Escape from Anxiety serves as a valuable guide containing more than 100 ways to get rid of anxiety and making it stay that way for good. We all feel fear, worry, nervousness and stress in life, but when all this become a chronic occurrence, it can lead us to dysfunction, depression and even disease – all of which impact our lives and our ability to perform.

Peggy hands out straightforward, life-changing techniques that help interrupt and alter negative behavior patterns in an easy-to-digest format. She says: “We accept stress and anxiety as normal. It isn’t. It’s a pandemic of our speeded-up culture and it’s killing us…literally.”

Over 75% of sickness today is triggered by stress and anxiety, according to the American Medical Association. Not only that, stress is responsible for causing headaches, sleeplessness, chronic fatigue and decreased effectiveness. These lead to depression and diseases such as fibromyalgia, cancer, stroke and heart attacks.

With Escape from Anxiety, Peggy shows that there are ways to return back to a healthy state of being, as well as reversing aging, increasing efficiency and focus, improving relationships and connecting with a state of wellbeing and happiness.

Coming in at 234 pages, Peggy’s book is organized like a reference guide, making it accessible to people with different lifestyles. Part I presents an A-Z of bite-sized solutions that are quick to read and can be applied immediately.

Part II of Escape from Anxiety contains advice on cultivating a personalized program for sustainable relief while also providing a foundation on scientific understandings on changing habits. It also presents ideas on shifting out of painful patterns in order to supercharge one’s life.

Equal parts a professional and personal compilation, Escape from Anxiety provides us with effective, time-tested skills based on modern psychology and energy medicine, as well as ancient Eastern methods of mindfulness, spirituality and even breakthroughs in neurosciences.

The book has been lauded by many, including National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) CEO Kathryn Leib who describes the book as “A must-read! Written from the heart, full of practical advice.” Amrit Desai, a world-renowned Yogi Master, has given praise for the work calling it “…a gift to those whose lives are compromised by the grip of anxiety and depression.”

With Escape from Anxiety, Peggy presents a well-organized approach to facing the most distressing emotional disabilities. It’s a must-read for those who are searching for fulfillment in all facets of their live – romance, professional and family.

Stress and Anxiety Need to Be Dealt With

You’ll find hundreds of articles eschewing advice on ways to deal with stress and manage anxiety. All of this we live in that is constantly under duress and always feeling anxious about something. It’s a bit telling when you have that many pieces of content scattered online which leads you to conclude that yes, people are stressed and anxious. And that’s not just talk, it’s also backed up by numbers.

All of this leads to one thing: we must do something about our stress levels if we want to continue living a peaceful and happy life on this earth. And when we can’t find it within ourselves to change our situation, we can always look to professionals like Peggy who give us advice on living life the best way possible.

Stress and anxiety can be beaten – we just need a helping hand to get us there.

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