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George Fraser on Power Networking

George Fraser on Power Networking

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George Fraser on Power Networking

George Fraser on Power Networking

George Fraser is one of the most influential African American entrepreneurs in America! He is even known as the leader of black empowerment. But before was able to reach this status, he had gone through a lot of challenges and hardships.

George was born in a poor family in Brooklyn, New York. He had more than 9 siblings that his parents, especially his father, could not properly take care of. This was further aggravated by his mother’s mental illness. Thus, before he turned 4 years old, he was already out of the home, and put in a foster home. More than 10 years of his life was spent shuttling back and forth various homes; sometimes he found himself in the streets.

It didn’t help that some people had already lost their hope in him even before he could finish school. Once, someone told him to eventually drop out of school, but he persisted until he completed high school and earned a vocational diploma. Despite the lack of confidence from others, he never lost his own. In between his night jobs, he attended Dartmouth College and participated in the Minority Business Executive Program and graduated in 1996. Three years after, he received a doctor’s degree in humane letters in Jarvis Christian College. George is now the proud owner, CEO, and chairman of his own company called FraserNet. He’s earning millions every year, and yet he’s not keeping the secret all to himself but is sharing it with the rest of the black community by writing books such as Success Runs in Our Race and Who Would Have to Thunk It.

George is also one of the strongest advocates of power networking. It’s a system wherein blacks help other blacks by building excellent working and business relationships. He creates the venue for all of them by holding a conference annually. Over the years, such events has attracted throngs of people that thousands are now expected to join. It is therefore a golden opportunity for African-American entrepreneurs to build partnerships, start joint ventures, look for potential investors, and discover the other ways to earn money. In fact, aside from networking, George Fraser himself shows the participants the strategies to earn big in various industries. He has also introduced WOW (Wealth, Opportunities, and Wellness). For African Americans to be of real service and to be a source of wealth and opportunity, they have to be in an ideal shape.

There’s no clear-cut solution to ending poverty among blacks, but unless you do something about it today, you’ll never ever get out of there. Learn from George.


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