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Nadine Lajoie – International Speaker

Nadine Lajoie – International Speaker

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a Fantastic International Speaker

Nadine Lajoie, a Fantastic International Speaker

Nadine Lajoie, a Fantastic International Speaker

They say that the world of motorcycle competitions is a man’s world; however Nadine Lajoie is the perfect testament to how that kind of thinking can be proven false. She has earned more than 50 podium placements as a racer in a male-dominated world of motorcycle racing. Other than being a racer, she’s also an international speaker, business leader, musician, vocalist, and author. However, not everything started as a success for her.

So how did Nadine Lajoie start to be the success that she is today?

She was born in St-Irénée, Quebec, Canada. As a young woman, she suffered from a lot of discontent and even thought about suicide. However, she asked for help and slowly turned her life around “one corner at a time.” Now, she uses her championships mixed with determination and focus to inspire both teen and adult audiences to reach for their dreams with passion. She uses her life experience, her business, and her success in the motorcycle world as ways to inspire those she speaks with.

Nadine earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Actuarial Sciences in 1992. By 1995, she was able to launch a highly successful financial planning enterprise called Lajoie des Finances. At the age of 36, she was already semi-retired.

For eight years running, she was recognized with awards from the Excellence Club of Canada. Other than that, she has also received the “Established Business of the Year 2007” award from the Quebec Women’s Business Network despite only working 133 days.

Ms. Lajoie brings a certain level of dynamism, discipline, focus, and vision to every accomplishment that she gets achieves. In fact, one of her earliest achievements was being named a Top 10 volleyball player at the Canadian Nationals. However, injuries forced her to stray away from theat path.

In 1999, Nadine started a course at The Institute for Personal Growth for personal and spiritual development, which was under the direction of Annie Marquier in Quebec, Canada.

Ms. Lajoie’s passion for motorcycle racing began in 2001 when she bought herself a motorcycle for pleasure. She then started racing for sport two years later. By 2007, she was able to secure a third-place finish at the Daytona Raceway where she competed against 75 men. She also scored 9th overall in the WERA National Championship in the US.

2008 saw Nadine form her own real estate investment firm, Nadynn International Inc. Her success in this field propelled her to greater financial independence, while also managing to help other investors and partners achieve their financial goals.

For more than a decade, Nadine has been enjoying a journey filled with personal and spiritual growth.

She also purchased a recreational motor home and went on a solo tour in 21 states in America. During this tour, she was able to increase her professional network, which included nationally recognized advisors who helped drive her towards greater success.

2010 saw her sign a contract for her first book with Tendril Press. The title was “Win the Race of Life… with balance and Passion at 180 MPH.” Its purpose was to inspire teens and adults to stay engaged and believe in themselves as they work towards achieving their dream.

In 2011, she co-authored “Fight for Your Dreams” with Les Brown, one of the leading motivational speakers in the world.

Given such a storied life, Ms. Lajoie certainly has enjoyed quite successful career doing what she loves, and these are just a few of her accomplishments other than those mentioned above:

  • Helped drive Lajoie des Finances to the Top 10% in Canada.
  • Worked as a management consultant for different companies where she helped develop strategic financial solutions, conduct financial analysis, and increase revenue.
  • Established “R.A.C.I.N.G. TO SUCCESS”, which is a program for leadership training at the racetrack for entrepreneurs.

Without question, Ms. Lajoie’s life is one that didn’t have sweet beginnings, but shows it’s possible to achieve success through asking for help and networking with the right people.



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