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Paramahansa Jagadish – Your Guide to Becoming the Steward of Your Soul

Paramahansa Jagadish – Your Guide to Becoming the Steward of Your Soul

Paramahansa Jagadish –  the Guide to becoming the Steward of Your Soul

Paramahansa Jagadish – the Guide to becoming the Steward of Your Soul

There are times in our lives when we just can’t put a finger on what’s wrong. At certain times, we feel unhappy. On some occasions, we feel pain and are in constant struggle.

When events like these happen, it’s a sign that our souls are yearning for more. However, our soul needs a little help in order to get to where it wants to be.

The question is … How are you going to help it arrive at a place where there is peace and happiness?

This is where gifted healers like Paramahansa Jagadish come in to help.

Steering Your Soul

Jagadish is a master healer who helps you awaken your heart so you can experience healing. He helps you release yourself from patterns you do not desire. He guides you in achieving clarity of purpose and attracting abundance in all forms. Of course, he aids you in experiencing Divine Grace, which is the source of all transformation. Ultimately, you can become the steward of your soul if you so desire.

On top of all that, he will help you commune directly with the Dieties.

About Jagadish

Jagadish is known the world over for his Karma Clearing and Ancestral Healing. He has more than 45 years of spiritual practice, which is routed in the following traditions:

  • Eastern Yogic
  • Hawaiian
  • Buddhist

He is also well versed in the following aspects:

  • Mystic Christianity
  • Toltec Shamanism
  • Brazilian Spiritual Healing

Apart from all these skills, Jagadish also has a degree in Transpersonal Psychology.

Now, for someone to arrive at this level, they must have started somewhere, right?

The Story of Jagadish

Arriving at the point of becoming a Master Healer has been a long one for Jagasih – four and a half decades, in fact. Forty plus years immersed in deep spiritual practice rooted in Tibetan Buddhist, Eastern Yogic and Hawaiian traditions. He attained mastery in Kundalini and Shakti-Pat Transmission through deep Yogic accomplishment.

He spent more than 12 years of retreat practice in India and Nepal. Also, he undertook independent study under some of the most realized masters, including Baba Hari Dass, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Dilgo Khyenste Rinpoche and His Holiness Sri Sri 1008 Kisori-Kisoranand Baba Tinkudi Gosvami, one of the great Siddha Saints of India.

jagadish-and-catJagadish as a Young Boy

Jagadish has always been drawn to the mystical life ever since he was a young boy. By the time he was four years old, he was able to experience liberation which ignited the divine spark that led him to a life filled with deep spiritual practice. Eventually, this led him to realize a Liberated state in Love of God.

Helping You Steer Your Soul

Jagadish uses a combination of Yogic Transmission and Life Systems in the Healing Arts in order to help you experience the power of Divinity. What Jagadish does is he unveils the Sacred Identity of pure consciousness, joy and love of those who come to him for help. While doing this, those who work with him also receive profound spiritual healing.

Through this approach, Jagadish helps those who come to him have a holistic journey towards achieving a rich, fulfilling life. Not just that, but a life of optimal health, well-being and a Realization of one’s True Nature in Liberated Love of God.

The Prayer Project

This is a 3-minute, 3-times-a-day solution for world change set by Jagadish. The project involves praying for nine minutes each day for world peace. The Prayer Project is a book which illuminates the power of prayer – ways to spread the blessing of prayer, the impact of prayer and how other religions and cultures in the world approach prayer.

Interview with Philippe Matthews

Get to know more about the inspiring world of Paramahansa Jagadish through an interview with Philippe Matthews via Google Hangout Live. It will happen this coming September 26 and you are more than welcome to reserve a seat now. Mark your calendar now so you don’t miss it!

Get to know more about Paramahansa Jagadish and what he does through these sites:

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