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Music Review: Douye

Music Review: Douye

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Sexy, Sensual, Soul Singer; Douye!

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In a music world that is currently plagued by senseless sounds, Douye offers something soothing—and definitely real. In fact, she gives more than songs and lyrics. She pours out her soul and experience, letting every listener be with her in an incredible journey.

Music Started Young

Douye was born in Rhine River, in Lagos, Nigeria. Ever since she was young, she already had an inkling in music, her sound greatly influenced by the big soulstresses of the United States such as Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Holiday. But it wasn’t until her father, Landy, saw her potential and supported her along with the rest of the family that she developed the courage to pursue it and eventually make music her career and life. In fact, she never loses that gratitude for the incredible familial support.

The Journey Begins

Eventually music uprooted her from Nigeria and took her to different parts of the world. She set foot and stayed in Europe for a bit before she found herself in the United States, where she further enhanced her vocals and techniques by enrolling in California’s renowned school of Musicians Institute.

As fate would have it, while she was harnessing her skills, she met one of the United Kingdom’s bigwigs in the music industry, Terry Shaddick. Seeing her potential, Shaddick immediately teamed up with Douye. The collaboration, where Shaddick also worked as a producer and a songwriter, produced Journey. One of the featured songs, “Golden Days,” with Rick Braun received considerable airtime and positive feedback from the critics who specially mentioned the sultry smoky vocals and just enough melodies to create the right jazzy atmosphere.

Something Bigger Is Coming

Douye is definitely on the road to stardom, and with the kind of prominence she’s been receiving, it’s easy for her to lay back and relax a bit. But she won’t. Instead, she gears up even more, teasing everyone with a forthcoming album.

The sounds are still going to be Douye: smooth, bold, and sexy. However, they will be more mature, more unique, and more filled with stories as they are embedded in every single.

One her songs, “Life Is Good,” which is chiefly inspired from the little things that make her feel grateful like “walking in the park,” has already found a good spot in the Soul Charts of the UK. It’s also gaining a lot of momentum in the United States.

Douye also brings her African heritage into the forefront by creating “So Much Love,” which was an apt homage to the genius of Fela Anikulapo Kuti. It features some of the African elements Fela’s fans have grown to love and have definitely missed, and yet Douye infuses her own interpretation that she doesn’t end up a copycat. Instead, it remains her very own music. One of the love songs, “You’re the One,” meanwhile, sets back the tone to the 1980s R&B vibe.

The upcoming album, which was rumored to be released at springtime, is more than a set of songs. It’s the by-product of the lengthy but mesmerizing and unforgettable creative journey that Douye took to become the kind of musician she is now.


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