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Review: Tamika Newhouse

Review: Tamika Newhouse

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Review: Tamika Newhouse

Tamika Newhouse

Teen pregnancy, Mom’s passing, college dropouts—it’s so convenient that anyone who goes through all these doesn’t have much to expect from life anymore. But Tamika Newhouse is a completely different breed. While other women succumb to pain, depression, and loss, she uses the same negative emotions to succeed.

Tamika Newhouse was born and grew up in Fort Worth, Texas, along with her prayerful and compassionate mother. She was the youngest among the brood. Growing up, Tamika struggled finding her own place in school or even at home. She preferred spending her time alone. Nevertheless, she found her perfect companion: writing. It didn’t come as a surprise therefore that by 12 years old, she already wrote her first novel entitled Nothing to Lose. For her, writing was a form of escape and a means of controlling things, an attribute she didn’t really have in real life.

By the time she was already in high school, however, things began to change. She opted to open herself more and learn new things, like regular teens. She gained new friends, went out, and perhaps took her explorations a little too far when just four years after her first book she became a teenage mother.

But she had a very strong emotional support through her mother, who always prayed for her. Though she felt she had lost her dreams, at the back of her mind, she knew that she had not given up yet. She eventually left Fort Worth to move to San Antonio to study education.

Then her mother passed way. It was a huge turning point for her. To cope with the loss, she turned to writing again, and that’s where she realized this was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life.

Barely 21 years old, she became a self published author, creating her own company Delphine Publications, in honor of her mom. Around the same time, she published and marketed her novel, The Ultimate No-No, taking a cue from her mother who always pushed her to be the best and go after her dreams.

There was definitely no turning back for her. Her own company has already sold more than 80,000 titles all over the world. She herself has authored some of the most titillating romance books including Kisses Don’t Lie, Kisses Don’t Lie 2, Cookie: A Fort Worth Story, Cookie: A Fort Worth Story, Cookie Too Lyric’s Song, Will Love Ever Know Me, The Ultimate Moment No Regrets, and He’s My Favorite Mistake. Her name has appeared a lot of times in the Best-Sellers List and in 2009 she was awarded as the year’s Self Published Author. She became part of Who’s Who in Black a year after, and in 2011, Delphine Publications took home the Best Anthology category in African American Literary Award.

Learning how to publish your own book and becoming a best selling author isn’t an easy feat, and Newhouse has definitely gone through every challenge that comes along with it. However, she remains inspired by the people who believe in her talent and who thank her for changing their lives for the better.

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