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Dr. Gabriel Oyibo and the Grand Unified Theorem

Dr. Gabriel Oyibo and the Grand Unified Theorem


Dr. Gabriel Oyibo • The Grand Unified TheoremDr. Gabriel Oyibo obtained his PhD in Mathematics and Aeronautics from the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, New York, where he worked for 4 years on research sponsored by NASA/AFOSR and made several contributions in mathematics, aerodynamics, aircraft design and aeroelasticity, teaching several courses. Also, he received Knighthood by His Royal Highness of the Igala Kingdom.

Dr. Oyibo discovered a new hodograph technique to determine the exact non-linear, unsteady 2 and 3-dimensional flow. This discovery has started to change a century-old mathematical and scientific perception that the hodograph tool was only useful for problems in 2-dimensional fluid flow. In evolving such a transformation concept into a practical design tool, Dr. Oyibo was involved in extensive application of large computer programs using the Cray supercomputer and several numerical methods. This experience has convinced him that the resulting design tool has a great potential as a significant discovery. In fact, some 3D aerodynamic shapes are already evolving from this discovery, theoretically promising to make possible shock-free flight at the speed of sound.

His research suggests that the solutions of most equations in mathematical physics can be found in the group transformation theory, which is the core of his research. This theory is hopefully expected to be used in solving the full Navier Stokes and Reynolds Averaged equations for closed-form turbulence.

Aside from this, Dr. Oyibo is generally known for his Grand Unified Theorem.

The Grand Unified Theorem

Dr. Oyibo’s Grand Unified Theorem or God Almighty’s Grand Unified Theorem provides a mathematical basis for how a Theory of Everything (TOE) or a Grand Unified Field Theory is presented. Nicknamed as GAGUT, it produces a set of unified field equations from which the Yang-Mills equations, mathematical equations (in general) and other physical equations that human beings have ever known can be recovered. Seemingly, the solution represents the modification of space-time structure that is predicted by the general relativity theory of Albert Einstein.

oyiboGAGUT entails that all theorems and equations originate from a single invariant, Gi, with orthogonal components, Gij, and a divergence given by the following equation: Gij,j=0, which Oyibo claims as the only correct theorem and equation that unifies all mathematics and knowledge, where Gij represents God’s mind, which has the totality of all intelligence. Simply put, this theory states that God or everything, which includes the Unified Force Field or other fundamental forces or particle interactions, is conserved within a transformation process over time and space that cannot be disputed by any logical process. Therefore, it is regarded as the provable theorem of everything or truth without any possibility of logical or geometrical errors.

Any experiment that fails to verify the equation of GAGUT is deemed to have been performed incorrectly, since GAGUT is a theorem, and conclusions and suggestions would be based on the fact reality that GAGUT is a probable truth of everything or the theory that states everything is conserved within a process of transformation over time and space. Some aspects of Dr. Oyibo’s Grand Unified Theorem have been verified through extensive experiments in the laboratory by Antoine Laurent Lavoisier, who was a famous French chemist and alchemist. Also, Einstein verified GAGUT’s equation, Gij,j=0, through his formula, E=Mc2. Any other correct equation that is written by anyone will be proven to have an origin in and, therefore, will also verify Gij,j=0.

It is also revealed through the Grand Unified Theorem what can logically be considered as the correct definition of God, which is that this being is actually the absolute and infinite large space of intelligence that unifies the believers, non-believers and scientists, as well as eliminates the concept of atheism.

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