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What’s New In May!

Philippe Matthews

Happy May and Happy Mother’s Day everybody!

In the world celebration of Obama bring Osama to justice, we decided to change our background to reflect and celebrate the American Flag and the overwhelming feeling of redemption from the countless public celebrations across America!

Mothers, Are You Celebrating The Sexy Years?

In this exciting issue of the Philippe Matthews Show, I decided to review a SEXY MOTHER you have known for years; the lovely and legendary, Suzanne Somers will talk about her book the Sexy Years in our Beauty & Fashion section.

At 64, Suzanne Somers will always be…SEXY! Not because of her outward beauty but because of her inward beauty and genuine desire to help women and men live their best life! In my review of her book, The Sexy Years, Suzanne shared some startling facts about female and male menopause and how to get your life back when nature begins to take it away.

The Quantum Collapse Process

Meet one of my most noted mentors, creator of the Demartini Method (Quantum Collapse Process), star of the Secret and Law of Attraction expert; Dr. John F. Demartini!

You’ve probably already listened to my exclusive RADIO interview with Dr. Demartini, now it’s time to read it, discover it and download it here on the ePages of the Philippe Matthews Show!

Who Took My Money?! – Part 2

Part 2 of Sharon Lechter’s interview and review of Who Took My Money. Sharon shares, “An example of good debt verses bad debt is where you have good debt on a piece of real estate where your tenant is making your payments and you have positive cash flow at the end of each month. That being said, should the value of that real estate go down and as long as you are still getting a monthly cash flow, you are only impacted on the value of the property when you are buying or when you are selling so if that property continues to generate a positive cash flow then you have an asset because it is putting money in your pocket every month and that is good debt. Bad debt is when you go buy the new stereo or the new furniture or the bigger house then you are saddled with the debt that you have to pay. It is money out of your pocket every month. Good debt is still yours but it is being matched or exceeded by your income.”

Living the Good Life

Hello Good Lifers, in this issue, I would like to introduce you to…

The Enjoyment of Private Yacht Charters

Private yacht charters is one of the popular vacation options in recent years as it enables you to have an exclusive private vacation for you and your loved ones to de-stress from the busy cosmopolitan lifestyle. Enjoy this review of Private Yacht Charters and our featured destinations of the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Miami, Maldives and Southeast Asia, New England, Bahamas, Australia, Galapagos and Greece!

Do You Know About the Maybach?

Yes, you’ve heard of Rolls Royce and Bentley; but have you heard of the Maybach by Daimler? I first became aware of this super luxury sedan while watching one of my all-time favorite movie series, Ocean’s 12 starring Catherine Zeta Jones, Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Andy Garcia, Matt Damon, Don Cheadle, Julia Roberts and the late Bernie Mac . Make sure you check out the movie trailer.

Anyway, it was the scene where Danny (George Clooney) picks up Tess (Julia Roberts) from the airport. There’s a brief view of the exterior of the Maybach then it cuts to the dialog between Danny and Tess inside the vehicle. Each Maybach vehicle is produced according to customers individual requirements. If you get a chance, test drive this phenomenal automobile, you may want to bring your driver as it is much better to be driven than to drive!

The Philippe Matthews Show Has Been Apped!

The Philippe Matthews Show Launches iGoogle Gadgets and Smart Phone Apps – Philippe Matthews Show Official Website



In our May issue of the Philippe Matthews Show, CiCi Li, AKA, CiCi Licious! introduces us to the Angry Lobster Recipe @ David Burke’s Townhouse in New York.

David Kenward, better known as the “Mental Coach discusses the power of Changing Your Frame of Mind.”

Monique Marvez shares a fascinating blog entry called, Everything I Learned.

Dr. Penelope Tzougros, author and columnist of Wealthy Choices asks the question, What If You Won The Lottery?

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