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Fitness Lifestyle Review: Latia Del Riviero

Fitness Lifestyle Review: Latia Del Riviero

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Fitness Lifestyle Review: Latia Del Riviero

Latia Del Riviero

Latia del Riviero grew up without a lot of ideas about athletics. In fact, she was never involved in one. She was a very frail student who had to avoid any strenuous activity unless she wanted to die young. Her doctor had already warned her that her heart might not be able to take too much stress. So while most kids her age were playing Double Dutch or running around, she sat in the sidelines, wishing she would be able to do the same things they did and get more experience out of her childhood.

A Totally Different Plan

Despite her heart condition, however, she created big dreams for herself. She did not want to be a doctor or teacher, which most of the other kids aspired to be. Instead, she wanted to be part of the elite defense force called the Federal Bureau of Investigation, working hopefully as a profiler. Because she did not have a lot of extensive childhood activities, she was able to spend more with her mind. This interest then fueled such desire.

Nevertheless, she was also very much aware that if she wanted to be recognized and be accepted in her preferred field, she needed to defy her doctor’s orders and trained.

Where Fate Led Her

What supposed to be a body training and conditioning for a lifetime career in the FBI eventually became one of her deepest passions in life. Looking back at what Latia had achieved for the past 30 years, you would be amazed on her dedication, commitment, and self-discipline. She took a huge risk and ended up victorious as she proved medicine wrong.

Her love for training, fitness, and athletics brought her a lot of honor, such as winning the Lightweight Division in 1987 Ms. Vancouver. She was also declared the overall winner in the said tilt. In the same year, she took the same titles for the Ms. British Columbia. In 1989, she bested all the other women in the Lightweight category for Ms. Western Canada; and two years after, she became Ms. Canada Lightweight.

Latia took her newfound talent to several notches higher by inspiring women from all over the world to break conventions and unleash their own power. She has become an inspiration for over 40 fitness with her videos, many of which are accessible online, completely for free. She has published different self-help books like Who am I? I am You. Her fashion shoe fetish videos help women become more comfortable in their own skin and sexuality with excellent choreography.

The road to success was not easy for her, but that actually gave her the authority to become one of the most sought-after life coaches in the area of emotional and mental transformation.

Latia definitely knows how it feels to be very limited and break away from it, and so she educates women in the different ways she knows. Combined with the skills and knowledge she has acquired over the years, she has definitely earned the title of the best life teacher rightfully.

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Latia Del Riviero

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