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Awakening to Our Greater Being By Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

Awakening to Our Greater Being By Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

Meg-and-Danny-lightworkers-2008-copyHow is it that some of usmay just wake up one day, all of a sudden having cognizance of extended realities, colors, the paths of energy, even our etheric guides and angels? How can these new and different, barely believable sensitivities affect our lives and even help us to heal ourselves? Why now? What’s happening?

Human beings have gone through many different stages of evolution. There were times eons ago when we had developed high technology, had awareness of how to use the earth’s natural resources to create crystalline grids, to fly in crafts that had the ability to cross the time space continuum, to use dolphins as messengers to our loved ones far away, and to build spectacular monuments such as the pyramids, Stonehenge and other now sacred sites. Our technologies outgrew our abilities to maintain a balance and ultimately we destroyed all that was our world and we began to forget who we are and what we are capable of until it seemed to be lost into oblivion forever, but the time ahs come that we have begun to remember…

History is being taught backwards. If we visit any major sacred site on the planet, what we will find is that the original structures have stood the test of time, and that later additions or repairs are far less skilled. We will also find that the original structures have withstood the test of time while all extraneous work has crumbled, not able to maintain its integrity as our earth shook, climates changed, and the environment drastically changed over countless time.

The ability of the ancients to capture the spirit of human nature, the inner working of creation is undeniable. They left roadmaps for future generations so that we could not, would not forget our connection within all that is. They left us three-dimensional instructions in the form of pyramids and the use of spectacular mathematic formulas in 3D applications. They left us a map to the very essence of us and therefore all other things, all of creation, its cycles and its vulnerabilities. They also left us information about how to heal all aspects of our lives, whether physical or otherwise. They left us guidelines about how to leap beyond our known aspects of reality and into the ethers, and even directions about how to travel out of body to realities throughout creation.

How did we forget such brilliant skills? Can we access these again? And if so, what do we do with our remembered abilities once we do?
There are natural cycles of lightness and darkness that follow a predictable nearly 26,000-year cycle. In the earlier parts of this cycle, there is little awareness beyond the selfish needs and greed of man. Great examples of these times are the inquisition and the crusades, times when human life was snuffed in the name of greed and instability, awareness was limited to specific ideals or intentions to conquer all that did not fit those ideals.

As time moved on, the heaviness began to lift, and as a race, we began to calm, taking time to consider other possibilities and then living them. Progressively relaxing into a greater sense of safety, we began to let down our innate need for protection of all kinds. We became less defended, and as we did, we also became more aware not only of what was around us but also what is within us. And we began to seek our divinity.

Is that divine part of us something different than us, or an extended aspect that we can’t… quite… grasp? Or, are we part of some greater being, reflections of a greater nature, aspects of our Creator, of God? And if we are, then we are also capable of living a far greater nature than we had imagined, because as we act as aspects of creation, from within the very essence of which we are created, we have the ability to draw from unlimited potential, endless possibilities, and the very essence of life itself.

mqdefaultNot only can we create reality, we can manipulate outcomes, plant seeds for a future we direct, and as a collective of consciousness we, the human nature, can work together, each of us bringing our pieces of the puzzle together for common goals and outcomes. We are the consciousness within the living one. Because of that we can direct reality to morph and change exactly as we desire, or we can allow things to create in spite of us.

We can also use these same principals and heal our bodies, our spirits and our lives. We can change illness, repair injuries, and yes, program the very particles from which we are created with any kind of reality we want to experience.

We can access our more subtle nature, our energy fields and even other planes of reality that affect our everyday lives far more than we had ever imagined. Each of us is like a unique symphony in all of creation, finely harmonized to perfection. When we get out of harmony for different reasons, we may become sick, or life becomes much more challenging. Or, the disharmony may lead to future problems.

Most of us think that life is happening to us, that unseen forces are making victims out of us. The truth is that what we do with our life experiences emotionally, mentally, spiritually and yes, even physically, has much to do with our later experiences. When we don’t deal with trauma or emotions that we don’t have the skills for, those emotions may become stuck in our energy fields, walling off part of our system, becoming denser and denser until at some point that part of our body begins to have unhealthy symptoms.

We also pick up a lot of ethereal debris along the way that can interfere with how our energies flow. When our energies flow in their normal and natural progressions, all is well in every part of us. When things happen in our etheric anatomy, our more subtle parts of being, our lives begin to reflect the dysfunction. Things may not go the way we mean them to, or maybe we even begin to attract the very opposite in circumstances and even people than we meant to attract.

Becoming self aware, really self aware, to the point that we no longer tell ourselves untruths about our lives and the people in them goes a long way toward our overall health. When we deceive ourselves into believing that things are not as they are, those untruths begin to degrade aspects of our more subtle nature until we lose track of what our truths were in the first place. We begin to feel out of balance and even stuck or lost. And that is just the beginning. When we learn more about our inner selves, our finer nature, and further learn to honestly deal with what is happening inside of us, our external worlds begin to reflect the same. Our internal and external worlds feel the same, balanced and at ease.

All healing begins within, with awareness and determination for living the truth. From there healing becomes reality and the experience of life as we really meant it to be.

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